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PIE Sponsorships

Kelly's Kitchen is delighted to offer four types of PIE Sponsorship.  These sponsorships are mutually beneficial to both the store and the patron. 

 Since Kelly's Kitchen is a result of home-grown publicity, tenacity, and hard work, many have been willing to invest in this small business to help the doors open. 

 If your are interested in a sponsorship, please contact Kelly's Kitchen.

P.I.E. Sponsorship

For the price of $100, you can be a Partners in Everything (PIE) Sponsor. These sponsors will receive 10 sweet pies  over the course of a year.  PIE Sponsors also have the ability to be "taste testers" and critics when Kelly's Kitchen has new creations.  Monthly newsletters, coupons, and more.

Parent PIE Club

Do you have a special elderly or disabled person in your life that could use a little love from time to time?  For $100, you can designate a person/couple to receive 24 half-PIEs  throughout the next 12 months.  The designated person will receive bi-weekly wellness check-ins, a Generational Newsletter, coupons, Testers, and more.  What better way to show you care!   Contact Kelly's Kitchen for details and delivery options.

V.I.Pie Patrons

For donations to Kelly's Kitchen, you can become a V.I.Pie Patron.  These patrons receive a free KK's  KrazyKup or Sweet Treat with the purchase of an item of greater or equal value.  This card has no expiration, and it may be used as often as you like.  To donate supplies, etc. to  Kelly's Kitchen, please contact us using the information found below.

KK's KrazyKups Sponsorship

This sponsorship is geared toward business owners and busy moms in Rockingham County.  For $150, your business will receive 100 KK's KrazyKups of your choice.  This is sponsorship is perfect for parties, grand-openings, company receptions, etc.  This also includes themed tablecloth, centerpiece, display platters, Free set up and delivery!  For more information, please contact Kelly's Kitchen.